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Mark Your Calendar: Must-Attend Events and Festivals in Lincoln, ME

By Mia Bach, Posted on 14 Mar, 2023 at 05:28 am

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Mark Your Calendar: Must-Attend Events and Festivals in Lincoln, ME


Lincoln, ME, is a city known for its vibrant community and lively spirit. Throughout the year, the city comes alive with a variety of events and festivals that celebrate its culture, heritage, and the spirit of its residents. In this blog post, we invite you to mark your calendar and discover the must-attend events and festivals in Lincoln, where you can immerse yourself in the city's unique atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

Lincoln Days

Lincoln Days is an annual festival that pays tribute to the city's rich history and community spirit. This multi-day event features a range of activities and attractions for all ages, including parades, live music performances, local food vendors, craft fairs, and historical reenactments. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with the locals, learn about the city's heritage, and enjoy the lively atmosphere that permeates the streets of Lincoln.


  • Grand parade showcasing local organizations, businesses, and marching bands.
  • Live music performances featuring both local and renowned artists.
  • Craft fairs offering unique handmade products and artwork from local artisans.
  • Historical reenactments that bring the city's past to life.

Summer Concert Series in Veterans Square

During the summer months, Veterans Square in Lincoln becomes a hub of musical entertainment and community gatherings. The Summer Concert Series presents a lineup of talented musicians and bands who perform in the heart of the city. Grab a lawn chair or blanket, sit back, and enjoy an evening of live music under the open sky. It's a fantastic way to connect with the local community, savor the warm summer nights, and experience the joy of music.


  • A diverse range of musical genres, from folk and country to rock and jazz.
  • Local food vendors offering delicious snacks and refreshments.
  • A welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that encourages dancing and mingling.
  • Opportunities to support local musicians and appreciate their talent.

Main Street Arts Festival

The Main Street Arts Festival celebrates the vibrant arts scene in Lincoln and showcases the talents of local artists and performers. The festival takes place in the heart of the city, transforming Main Street into an outdoor gallery and performance space. Visitors can stroll through the street, admire stunning artworks, listen to live music, and participate in interactive workshops and demonstrations. The Main Street Arts Festival offers a dynamic and immersive experience that highlights the creativity and artistic expression of the community.


  • An outdoor gallery featuring diverse forms of visual art, including paintings, sculptures, and photography.
  • Live performances by local musicians, dancers, and theater groups.
  • Interactive workshops and demonstrations where visitors can learn and engage with different art forms.
  • Opportunities to purchase unique artworks and support local artists.


From the historical celebration of Lincoln Days to the lively music-filled nights of the Summer Concert Series and the creative atmosphere of the Main Street Arts Festival, Lincoln, ME, offers a vibrant calendar of events and festivals that truly reflect the spirit of the city. Attending these gatherings not only allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture but also provides a chance to connect with the community and create cherished memories. So, mark your calendar and get ready to experience the lively and spirited side of Lincoln, ME.

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